Update: 2/9

Thank you for all of your prayers. At this time, the family respectfully request privacy regarding Kelly. We know many of you have questions, as do we, but unfortunately there are no answers to share at the moment. Please continue to keep the Nash family in your thoughts and prayers.

New Reward Announced

We are announcing today that the Reward for information leading to finding Kelly will be raised to $50,000. We are currently contacting the media outlets who have been so good to us in hopes of getting them to highlight this for us in the news today and tomorrow.
Later today, the new flyers will be available at Jeffery’s in Braselton and The Tannery in Buford. We ask anyone who can volunteer over the next several days go by and pick up flyers and replace the existing ones in our coverage area.

We have recently seen flyers in peoples auto windows and this is so greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work and contact us with any ideas or questions you may have.


Here is a copy of the new flyer with updated reward information. Please print and distribute as many as you can!!

Update: 1/25

Our family gets asked daily, “How are you guys holding up?” Day to day it’s different for each of us but we all know that our strength is coming from God and the many prayers from all of you.
We also get asked, “My goodness, how did you guys know what to do from the start? How did you begin, how do you continue?” This is where we would like to share a story with you.
When Kelly was in high school at Lakeview, he was a great student and a talented basketball player. His nature has never been aggressive; more the loving, caring, compassionate and wanting to please nature. Aggressiveness didn’t come natural to him. We used a word quite frequently with him regarding basketball. That word was “Relentless”. We would tell him that when he stepped on the court, to apply his efforts into that time and be “Relentless”. Obviously, we were also trying to teach a life lesson about how to approach the things that were important to him.
When Kelly was a sophomore at Auburn, he came home and I could tell something was bothering him. He and I were sitting in the kitchen and he burst into tears and pulled his shirt up to expose his back to me. Across his shoulders, he had the word “RELENTLESS” tattooed. Never mind that I wasn’t too pleased about this, but I understood why. He wanted a reminder of how to approach those things important in his life.
I received a FB message this past week from one of Kelly’s dearest Auburn friends. In it she said, “I am praying for Kelly and you guys “RELENTLESSLY”. And then it hit me. We approached this situation in the same way that we had taught Kelly. We are and will be RELENTLESS in finding him. We will continue to pray RELENTLESSLY. We will be RELENTLESS in trying all new avenues for leads and tips. Our family will be RELENTLESS in not slowing down or getting discouraged.
So, the next time someone ask how we are doing, I will answer in what we are doing. We are and will be: RELENTLESS!!

Update: 1/23

As of tomorrow, anyone wanting to pick up flyers can go to Jeffery’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Braselton or to The Tannery in Buford. If anyone runs into any problems in getting access to flyers, please let us know. We don’t have any new updates at this time. The detectives continue their diligent efforts in pursuing every possibility. Their efforts along with your prayers will yield results. Please continue to pray with us.

Update: 1/21

We still have no new information to report. All law enforcement agencies continue to pursue all leads. We will let you know on any new information as it arises. Again we want to thank you all for your continued support and prayers!


Good afternoon. Today has been a good day for volunteers picking up and distributing flyers. At this time we are doing less targeting and more “distribute where you visit”. We encourage volunteers to continue this effort.
NBC production of “Disappeared” finished up today with projected airing in March. This show will be a documentary on Kelly giving a glimpse into who Kelly Nash is and detailing the events around his disappearance. We greatly appreciate the fine people from Peacock Productions and NBC
We will continue to update as new information comes in.
Keep praying!!

Update MONDAY 1/19:

We will have the Command Center ( 4460 Commerce Drive, Buford, GA) open today from 10am to 3pm. We will be sending out groups of 2 to distribute flyers to local neighborhoods that we feel are important. As for updates there is nothing new to report at this time but please continue to check back and continue to share the Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for all of your help and support to bring Kelly home!

Update for Sunday

We will open the Command Center from 1pm to 3pm for people to come and pick up flyers for distribution. MONDAY will be another big day so mark your calendars! The Command Center will be open from 10am to 3pm. Please help us continue to spread the word and bring Kelly home!!! Thank you again for the continued prayers and support!

Flyer Distribution Today!

TODAY: We will be distributing flyers with the goal of hitting as many shopping centers and surrounding areas as possible!! Flyers and maps are available at the Command Center (4460 Commerce Drive, Buford, GA) until 3pm so please come out and help us bring Kelly home!!

¿habla a Español?

Hemos creado un cartel para nuestra comunidad de habla hispana a correr la voz acerca de Kelly. Por favor, continúen compartir esto y este post en áreas con visibilidad de alto tráfico. Apreciamos todos sus esfuerzos hasta ahora!

We have created a poster for our Spanish speaking community to get the word out about Kelly. Please continue to share this and post this in areas with high traffic visibility. We appreciate all your efforts thus far!