A Message from the Nash Family

Dearest friends and family,

I know all of you check this site so often hoping for new news. We wake up every morning hoping to get to post something wonderful for all of us. Just to update you on where we are at this moment. We continue to get potential siting leads on the anonymous tip line which the law enforcement officials follow up on (as they do all the leads). There has been additional manpower resources added to the investigation which we are very happy about. Multiple electronic billboards around the area now carry Kellys flyer image. Volunteers continue to aid and assist in the command center, as well as, the continuation of distribution of flyers. We are making sure that the flyer distribution is tactical to try to reach new areas, while updating and reviewing areas already covered. Saturday is expected to be a busy day on the flyer distribution avenue

As we have said before, there are no words for our appreciation of everything you have done to help us find Kelly. That support and love is what gets us through the day. Please continue to pray for our family and all those involved in searching for Kelly. We love all of you and promise to keep you updated. Keep up the faith!!

Beverly, Alan, and Holli